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5 Ways To Celebrate The Harvest Season

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

If you're in Western Europe, the Americas, and Canada, November is a time for harvest and is a reason to celebrate, pause, reflect, practice gratitude, and share.

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month are reason enough to celebrate but there are many ways to feel the spirit of the season. The harvest season is a time for connecting with our communities, nature, family, and ourselves and even our creativity.

From the flicker of cinnamon that stays on your tongue in the mix of pumpkin spice to soft cashmere against a nipping cold, to lush forest walks after a heavy rain, Here are some ideas of how to get into the fall mood.


Bring people together. Choose a meet-up point to catch up and chat or make it a moment to give back to others. Host in your home or keep it casual at a local spot. Abundance can also be in the form of attention and the time we dedicate to others.


Pay homage to the season with natural fibers and cool, coordinated colors. Embrace the silence of quieter months and make it a meditative moment. Take the time to accessorize, style, and enjoy even taking care of your clothes as a way to re-center and renew your spirit. Fashion influencers like Tamu McPherson for women's wear, and Frank Gallucci for men's wear are excellent style reference, living in the heart of high fashion design in Milan, Italy.


A single candle gives life. A bowl of apples, ready to crunch into for a snack or to dice up for a tart, will also bring color. Bring out the warmer blankets and put an unfiltered apple juice and spices to simmer on the stove. Transforming your space in even small ways is a way to honor the harvest season and the arriving chill in the air.


You don't have to go far, you just have to wander. Visit nearby towns, a different part of the city, or take a trip into the hills to reset your perspective. Try local experiences to ignite appreciation and gain inspiration


Choose, prepare, cook, and enjoy the harvest season with all of your senses. Get in contact with the fresh life and go on the hunt for lush produce, jammy fruits, and freshly prepared specialties. Simmer, sautee and roast, and bake your way to cozy nights alone or shared in the company of your people

Try any recipe by Betul Tunc, @turkuazkitchen on Instagram, like these Cheddar Biscuits, Onion Soup, or Turkish Eggs, and be transported by flavor and technique. To see the recipe in her posts, just click the image.


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