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Chef Shuffling: Identità Golose 2015 | Milan

It’s a culinary kiki!

For just a couple of days during the month of February we welcome a wave of white coats and chef pants (CHEF PANTS!) when Italy’s top chefs come together for the Milan Italian edition of Identità Golose. This top chef heaven attracts the best of the best so we knew there would be chefs to meet, products to crave, and flirty flavors everywhere.

Ready to kick up some kitchen conversation, I tossed on a seafoam green, light silk crepe blouse and structured jacket with flame pattern by ANGE WOLF, laced up my favorite pair of gold adidas and Chanel glasses and got ready for some chef shuffling.

Straight out of the gate, we hit up a presentation that included Lorenzo Cogo of restaurant, El Coq who at the age of 25 became the youngest Michelin Starred chef.

Demonstrations from Massimo Bottura, Viviana Varese and Carlo Cracco left us feeling closer to the culinary stars like when Cracco recounted of his love of "cucina povera" extolling both the physical and economical benefits of rediscovering ingredients like rapini that were at once barely considered.

Meeting an architect of the trade..

Identità Golose is the event of the year for top chefs so the producers that are chosen to show are top notch. Walking through the concourse, a particular stand, Petra, a well-known flour producer, caught our attention for it's contemporary, clean design and eye-catching elements. Stepping inside, a quirky, stylish gentleman, caught my eye. An architect and entrepreneur, Andrea Forapani just happened to have been the man that designed the space. An architect that designed a food space? Um...I needed to know stat where this dashing designer likes to dine in Milan and interviewed him on the spot for The Social Bite!

New talent coming up in the culinary world?

Italy's kitchens are getting cooler: attracting smart, savvy, and motivated young blood that is ready for a life of chef-hood. With a striking Eastpak bag casually slung over his chef whites, I caught up with Simone Grazia, who is a stage at the culinary acadamy Alta Formazione a Tione di Trento who explained that, thanks to his participation in the program, was able to come to #IG15 and that it opened up a whole world where he could hear first-hand the philosophies of the great Italian and foreign chefs.

He mentions in particular Alain Ducasse, who defined the event for him with his love of the kitchen being a full 360 degrees. Grazia says he hopes to return next year and appreciates the philosophies that are being communicated through the plate.


Jacket and Blouse by Ange Wolf

Photography Simone Martucci


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