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Fashion Trends by Astrological Sign

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Spring is finally here, and if you’re not sure which new trend to try this season, take a look at our outfit selection by sign. Tip: your style probably has a lot more to do with your Ascendant than your Sun; check the trend for both signs!

ARIES: Highlighter yellow

Not afraid to be noticed, Aries loves to try new things. This spring, neon hues are back, and yellow highlighter is the trend for this dynamic sign that likes to have all the attention.

Designer: David Koma

TAURUS: Metallic pleats

Pleating isn't exactly new - perfect for Taurus who isn’t much of a fan of change! - but this time it comes in a metallic version. A luxurious touch for a super feminine modeling, which is perfect for this Venus-ruled sign.

Designer: Brandon Maxwell


Colorful glasses, butterflies in everything, Y2K fashion will give Geminis a good time this spring . It's certainly not the easiest trend to use, but Geminis do love a fun challenge.

Designer: Blumarine

CANCER: Maxi Bags

The list of essentials for Cancer is loong, so the maxi bag trend is perfect for them. After so many seasons of having to edit your belongings to fit everything in tiny mini bags, now Cancers can 'take their houses' with them again.

Designer: Max Mara

LEO: Mini Skirts

Of course, it would be Leo to adopt the trend that everyone loves, but few have the guts to actually wear. Mini skirts are decidedly impractical - not a problem for a queen! - but it's sure to stop traffic this spring.

Designer: Miu Miu

VIRGO: Super Sheer

Sexy in a non-obvious way, Virgos will love this super sheer trend. Perfect for layering and putting together super fashionable looks, these will be key items in the wardrobe of this attentive Mercury-ruled sign.

Designer: Simone Rocha

LIBRA: Cutouts

They have been around for a while now, but the mix of sexy and architectural is irresistible for Libra. Think about perfect cut, clean design, all in super chic neutrals. A perfectly balanced look.

Designer: Christian Siriano

SCORPIO: Underwear Outerwear

The eye of the mysterious Scorpio can elevate the trend of underwear outerwear to super chic. Layering and subtle hints of sexy will be the go to look for this Pluto-ruled sign this spring.

Designer: Fendi


Pants that work with a t-shirt to run some errands and with a going out top are a must-haves in the Sagittarius wardrobe this season. The mix of comfort and versatility is perfect for this Jupiter-ruled sign that always has something going on.

Designer: Missoni

CAPRICORN: White Suits

Is there anything more elegant than a well-tailored white suit? Capricorns know this well, and that is why this is their go-to trend this season. To give the look more personality, bet on statement accessories in high contrast colors.

Designer: Michael Kors

AQUARIUS: Low rise

For all the ‘low-rise just works for skinny girls’ camp, all the Aquarius’ out there will prove us wrong this season. Definitely not an easy trend to pull off, it takes a bold Aquarius to make the statement that fashion is made for all bodies.

Designer: Tom Ford

PISCES: Netted Knits

Netted knits are perfect for the romantic, easy-going Pisces. Knitwear is rarely a go-to spring trend, but Pisces won't be able to resist this mermaid vibe.

Designer: Supriya Lele


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