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Fresh Ice: 24k Gold Cones + Recipe

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

24k gold, liquid nitrogen, rice, cardamom and mini peppercorn cones may be the least common ingredients you think of to prepare a dessert but Chef de cuisine Joel Corona may have the Midas Touch.

The precious peppercorn mini cones or “Cornetti” come in three and are part of the innovative menu at Tapestry, the new culinary laboratory that opened in the West Village in New York, a collaboration between the Michelin star chef Suvir Saran and his business partner Roni Mazumdar.

Perfectly aligned with the style of chef Suvir Saran who also became famous for his unusual combinations of cultures and tastes, chef de cuisine Joel Corona takes on the phirni, a traditional Indian rice pudding made with rice, cinnamon and cardamom, to grace curious diners with a shimmering surprise.

Gold in the batter and then as a topping leaves the mouth completely coated in gold, set off by familiar the tones of spiced ferni, chocolate and passion fruit.

Gold is believed to possess magical properties bestowing powers that only the gods could enjoy. Now for just $11 you too can be touched by Midas.

Trot on down to Tapestry or try your hand at home. Alchemist or not, this is a recipe to keep somewhere special.

Ferni Nitrogen Ice Cream

2 cups rice 4 cups water 400g heavy cream 10g cardamom

2 cups sugar

Mini ice cream cones

24k edible gold flakes

Soak rice in water overnight. When rice is fully soaked, blend all ingredients together and pass through a mesh strainer. Cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon. After the mixture has cooled, place in a Kitchen Aid mixer; turn on medium speed and slowly add liquid nitrogen until it becomes semi firm ice cream. Place in freezer until ready to serve. Scoop ice cream into mini cones and top with 24k edible gold flakes.


Photos courtesy of: Tapestry

By Raffaella Pietropaolo, contributor


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