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Furla CRUISE Collection 2024 "Vita A Palazzo": Press Days

PRESS DAY: FURLA Showroom, Piazza Duomo, Milan: Cruise Collection 2024.

Who's in the Cruise?

Like a welcome breeze at the end of a hot day, drifting on the yacht through the waters surrounding the Greek Islands, Furla presents their newest Cruise campaign and collection of bags and footwear, "Vita a Palazzo", to sail with you into 2024.

Furla Cruise 2024. Photo by Riccardo Perdisa - CGC Studios
Furla Cruise 2024

After years of heart-filled collaborations and experience with the brand, every Furla event feels like coming home.

Press days are particularly gratifying, giving the media and creators a chance to get close up to the product, guided by experts at the brand that explain the collection and specific details about composition and construction.

Barbara Fabris, who works in Digital Marketing for Furla and her colleagues gave us a warm welcome and a tour of the new Cruise Collection 2024.

As it's an event reserved exclusively for those who work in the industry, it also gives us a chance to connect with other creators and colleagues with the same passion for a quick hello before we run off to our next appointments, like Polly (Paola) and Pamy (Pamela) Ameyibor.

The house of Furla has invariably set itself apart by remaining loyal to the traditions of Italian craftsmanship, while staying open to experimentation through technology and narrative.

The Furla Cruise 2024 campaign and collection, aptly named "Vita a Palazzo" channels aesthetics from fine art and architectural elements, evoking the spirit of a Renaissance Palace. Inspiration was taken from an array of objects including paintings and tapestries, to inlaid floors, to marble columns.

There is a focus for the Cruise 2024 season on obtaining equilibrium - a state of rest, smooth balance, a place of life, contemplation, and beauty.

Through shape and color, art and craft, design and function, and timeliness and timelessness, the expression of an Italian Renaissance is found woven into each piece in the collection, available from October 23rd at, in Furla stores worldwide, and across its global network of partner retailers.


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