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Saved List: Meta Fashion Mood

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

On every social media platform there is a content creator or artist that has a "Saved List" of images or videos that inspire. In this new mini-series of articles, called "Saved List", I will be sharing sets of images in my saved list on instagram, that I use to form narratives and inform my takes on style. You can follow the magazine's account on Instagram @citygirlcooks.

This week I have NFT's and the metaverse on the brain and my Saved List looks like it. No one really has an idea of what the Metaverse "looks" like even though fashion is already designing and looking at virtual property there.

The metaverse fashion mood is futuristic, street-style, high-fashion looks that match the dark against the light in striking poses. High contrast, pure colors, and lot's of movement channels an optimistic and confident youth, ready to innovate. Clever and meticulous, I envision fashion in the Metaverse as expansive - full of endless meaning.

For your reference, the names of the Instagram accounts included are attached to the photos. Here is a complete list:











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