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SOCIAL BITE | Daniela Zuccotti...loves Valà

Updated: Feb 10

Italian "it girl", mom, and contributor to Glamour, Daniela Zuccotti of Fregole reveals her fave snack stop in the city.

Queen of “fregole”, lifestyle blogger, beauty reporter for Grazia, creative director, fashion influencer and contributor for Glamour, Daniela Zuccotti is a trendy mother with an eye for the next unmissable style. Whether it's a perfume, a bikini, a haircut or a clutch, the piece that ties them all together is always a damned glamorous soul. Everything you didn't know you needed you will not go without after having met Daniela Zuccotti.

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite or a little snack when you’re on the go? Gelato? Piadineria? Mercato? Valà in Via Daniele Crespi, 14. It is a nice bistrot to have breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just a coffee.

What do you get there? Crescentine for sure. This is a typical sandwich from Modena stuffed with ham, cheese, honey, aubergines or vegetarian delicious ingredients.

Why is it so good? Valà is a place where you feel at home. The ingredients are bio and the dishes offered are never ordinary.

When is the best time to go? On Saturday or Sunday at lunch.

How did you find this place? A friend, Filippo, took me for the first time and it was love at first sight and taste!


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