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SOCIAL BITE | Tiberio Carcano & Marcellina di Cape Town Cafe.

Updated: Feb 10

Ask anyone from Milan where to find cool people and awesome music and with stars in their eyes they will reply, ROLL OVER MILANO, the weekly social event turned into a door-busting, rhythm-bumping, cool-kid, never-ending party, all put on by one of the city's favorite couples: Tiberio Carcano & Marcellina di Chio. This is where designers and creative directors from Italy's most inspiring fashion labels mix with famous musicians from Universal, MTV and others. And why? More than their impeccable taste in music, people flock to this "festa" because they're genuinely good people, passionate about the music, about their friends, and about each other...what's not to love?

Where is your favorite place to go for a quick bite or a little snack when you’re on the go? Cape Town Cafe!

What do you get there? Without a doubt, the STRAND sandwich.

Why is it so good? It's a place to meet up in Milan in Navigli that has always stayed authentic and legit and never tried to change its style to stay close to what's trendy at the moment.

When is the best time to go? The quality of the food is good and the thing is, you can eat at any hour.

How did you find this place? The Cape is a place you find out about right when you get to Milan, it does not need publicity.

CAPE TOWN CAFE Via Vigevano, 3, 20144 Milano, Italia +39 02 8940 3053

Tiberio's fav tune of the moment...

Marcellina's fav tune of the moment...

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