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Zac Posen's New Cookbook Just In Time For Thanksgiving

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Zac Posen released a cookbook and it's exactly what you need right now.

"I started cooking out of middle school depression" -Zac Posen

Who wasn't depressed in middle school? And in fact, cooking has been shown to be a great way to let go of anxiety since there aren't many rules other than the ones of taste.

In matters of taste, who better to trust for a beautiful holiday meal than designer, Zac Posen? And what timing, he just put out a cookbook on the 10th October this year.

In addition to his role as creative director for Brooks Brothers, and his own stellar line, Posen has just released his first book - a cookbook - Cooking With Zac, published by Rodale.

A great way to escape the rigid geometry and rules of garment-making, cooking is Posen's way of letting go as he told Vogue back in February.

If you missed his book signing at Williams-Sonoma in Beverly Hills you can still get the book in time for Christmas online at Amazon or most bookstores.

We're hoping more designers follow the trend and give us another way to "taste" their creative vision.


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