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Fashion News for Storytellers

Top Online Storytelling Fashion News Source & More

Established in 2014, City Girl Cooks is an online media platform that has been developed by CGC Studios. City Girl Cooks publishes an online magazine that offers a variety of opinions & perspectives at the intersection of food, fashion, and news curated for storytellers.

This diverse content from City Girl Cooks delves beneath the headlines to identify fashion & news trends that represent character archetypes ideal for storytelling, and the latest industry insights, ideas, & perspectives from the worlds of -


  • Food, & Drink – culinary trends & topical perspectives with a fresh spin

  • Events – Trending events news and coverage

  • People - digital bites focusing on the favorite spots where fascinating celebrities, like to snack, plus industry profiles of the latest names in fashion and cultural news

  • Kitchen & Home – news stories and luxury product highlights related to the kitchen and home

  • Fashion – exclusive coverage of fashion insider news across the industry

  • News & Art – check out the latest fashion & food trends and news, including new product releases, fashion and dream-making events, new collections

At City Girl Cooks, our editor-in-chief, Melissa Lupo, features a variety of storytelling for fashion news experts and collaborators who contribute to the many cultural perspectives that impact the fashion and entertainment industries.

Follow City Girl Cooks on Instagram for the latest fashion, food, and chef news stories. Or subscribe to CGC Studios’ food fashion opinions and analysis - delivered to your inbox. The online magazine, City Girl Cooks is produced by CGC Studios.

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