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Alessandro Michele Leaves Gucci and His Mark on Young Hearts

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

From 2015 Alessandro Michele has served as Creative Director of Gucci but now, he hands down his crown, leaving the role as of November 2022.

There have been so many changes in fashion recently it's practically giving whiplash. From recent criticism within the industry of "Nepo-babies", to Balenciaga who created a scandal releasing a campaign with children pictured in front of BDSM inspired accessories from the brand's line. At the same time, long-time creative director and fashion designer of his eponymous brand, Raf Simons announced that he would be closing his label, Alessandro Michele also announced his departure from Gucci.


Working with the brand since 2011 as a Creative Director for Gucci's porcelain brand, Ginori 1735, there is much speculation about why he left with virtually no information on who will be taking his place.

With so much misinformation being flung in every direction in the past year, perhaps brands are finding new ways to keep plans secret, or maybe Gucci isn't sure what's coming next either.

While it was announced that Alessandro Michele would be leaving his position as Creative Director it has been unclear if he would be replaced and if the brand would look to maintain the iconic cool-nerd aesthetic or while the slate clean like Balenciaga every season, and bring in a new era.


Depending on who is appointed next to Creative Director at Gucci will give more insight into what the brand has in store but expecting another vision like Michele's is unlikely. Even with all of the media and social fanfare around industry gossip, creative directors can be forgotten by new generations of fashion people who have their own scandals, their own gossip, and new expectations. Those that stay fresh in people's minds and become part of our repertoire leave a lasting impression because as artists they've taken us on a journey and told us a story.

Despite the fact, criticism spun from boredom began to creep in around discussions on #HFTW (High Fashion Twitter) Alessandro Michele helped formed the perspective of an entire generation of young artists and creatives who were misfits, and outcasts, elevating the awkward, nerdy, and sometimes even uncomfortable, to an art form. For some of the younger fashion crowd, Michele is all they've ever known of Gucci and defined their vision of the brand. This coupled with the impression and body of work Alessandro Michele has left as reference will not disappear but continue to inspire generations to come.


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