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Campari Random Boutique Pop-Up: Barcelona

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Campari opens its first Secret Space in Barcelona, "Traveling in Time: The Random Boutique"

Campari seeks to open its doors to the next closing the door on time.

Following the success in Madrid, from October 18 to 21 in Barcelona, ​​ you'll travel in time with Campari through the rich history of the cocktail.

September 28 - The Random Boutique is a unique clock shop with a special relationship with time.

A clandestine space brought to you by Campari became the best kept secret in Barcelona for four days. A privileged few are granted entrance to enjoy amazing cocktails while traveling through time.

From 18 to 21 October, the best in mixology will be moving through four different time periods: the golden 20s with the classic Negroni where the Americans are the protagonists; the "Dry" 30's, set in a clandestine location is experienced through the Boulevardier; on the third day, we arrive at the glamorous 60's when the popular was

Campari Orange was born; finally we arrive at the present time with Campari Tonic, one of the more refreshing offerings.

From this iconic bitter, color and taste will be presented through any of the unexpected Campari daily mixology options, accompanied by a combination of music and live surprises. Key ingredients to enjoy a exceptional evening.

In order to get access to The Random Boutique, you need to register and obtain your unique and non-transferable password, at: unexpected-red / the-random-boutique.

Those who get in will know where they are going, but no idea when, arriving in one of these exciting decades, for a fascinating experience through time.


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