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Episode 2: What Milan Wears | Paolo Sarpi

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The new series, What Milan Wears continues with Episode 2 in the series, launching first a Reel on Instagram, in the neighborhood of Paolo Sarpi.

An area known for great food and a range of affordable fashion, the district is home to many Chinese and Filippio families that over the years have made it into a destination for tourists seeking authentic experiences and for local artists inspired by the culture and a hardworking spirit.

In the past decade the area has become a multicultural cross-roads that blend Italo-Chinese culinary traditions. Bigger trends are woven into unique styles worn by locals, reflecting the creativity and imagination the area inspires.

A defiant and youthful energy, hopeful, bright and looking to the future. The neighborhood of Paolo Sarpi is always alive, edgy and yet comforting, restless and exciting.

Unusually warm Fall weather means lighter coats and layers. Trending bright blues, greens, and oranges pop against a veritable sea of natural tones. Classic pieces create a mix of casual and elegant styles, blurring the lines between work and weekend wear. Utility and comfort are prioritized alongside personal style, keeping intact Milan's unspoken rule to dress up, even when you're dressing down.

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa, Produced and Directed by CGC Studios.

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