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Episode 3: What Milan Wears | Isola

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

What Milan Wears continues with Episode 3 in the series, in the neighborhood of Isola. This article has an accompanying Reel on Instagram at @citygirlcooks.

Isola is for artists.

The neighborhood known as Isola encompasses an unusually large and spread out area compared to the older areas of the city, closer to the center that are more compact. A lot has changed in the neighborhood in the past 10 years. Local residents were mostly working class and students but over time, with local favorite food and drink spots like Frida, Osteria dei Vecchi Sapori, Anche*, and Deus Ex Macchina Ristorante, Isola's popularity has grown, now a diverse and energetic part of Milan.

While the area remains humble, the eccentric artistic vibe adds a unique tone different from other more polished, historical areas of Milan. Isola is a popular spot to meet up for aperitivo for the many workers and students in the area as well as diners looking for traditional and international spots to nosh.

Neighborhood trends.

It was a cold and gray day but cloudy skies created the perfect backdrop to spot drips of color that define Isola's unique style. Echoes of Bohemian and hipster roots come through as aloof, grounded and utilitarian looks against a constant flow of sober grey and brown shades worn by local office workers out for lunch.

Pops of green, flecks of fucsia, and bright blues break up neutral gold and soft brown tones. The cold weather means layers but the winter freeze still hasn't arrived so fuller pieces and heavier fabrics still aren't out, or are worn with lighter pieces underneath. Casual and modest, a subtle rebellious energy comes through in plaids, patterns, and fleece, keeping a low-key and carefree energy abundant, a defining characteristic of local style in the Isola area of Milan.

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa, Produced and Directed by CGC Studios.

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