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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

60's Poolside Sophisticate. Everybody says "iconic", but Pucci's legacy goes on without saying

Pucci was a yum-fest. Another win for casting this week, the models were stellar and seemed truly present in the clothes. Models with hair swept up in soft towels, others with slicked back, shiny hair, they each represented a different type of woman - but all Pucci for sure. The picturesque scene took a simple theme, a pool party, and elevated the experience to Hollywood legend level. Really hats (or towels) off, we couldn't get enough.

Ruffles, and chiffon and luminous colors separated by pencil thin lines, Pucci's presentation was simple but effective. The clothes were center-stage and captivating to see the entire collection in harmony and context. We could imagine being wrapped up in one of their luscious caftans for brunch or floating by the pool in liquid-light pants. The accessories carried the brands spirit through the collection, pieces like coral necklaces and wide-rimmed cat-eye sunnies were stand-outs, and the "Nisida" and "Flamingo" prints were modern and fun.

A mix of elements like leather and metallics play nicely next to jersey cotton, stretch cotton, washed silk, charmuse, and georgette. Overall the touch of sportiness keeps the mood light and sophisticated but ready for all day wear. Shine bright Pucci, the water is fine.


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