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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Iconically minimalist. A collection to stand by.

Maryling has the accessible appeal of a commercial designer but a closer look reveals a smart succession of style and the right touch of artistic influence.

A contemporary style characterizes the Maryling Spring Summer 2018 collection. Influenced by the graphic artwork of Ellsworth Kelly, Jean Degottex and Lucio Fontana, we see sixties silhouettes brushed with vibrant color and soft formal dresses of chemiseier, with an emphasized waist. A formality that remains natural, dresses bare shoulders and decollete, and new peplems are full of volume.

A mood fit for an artist or a fashionista, the collection forms a palette of different styles. Optical prints, unusual geometric shapes, and a spectrum of bright reds, yellows, and electric blues the mood is bold but in harmony.

Soft feminine accents like cinched waists, flowing sheer dresses, and ruffles, tone the more serious, experimental abstractionism.

Wearable and artistic, every recent fashion week, Maryling has returned with fresh ideas and a measured approach. They take into account their diverse and individualistic clients. We are curious to see what they'll have for us next.


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