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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

In The Key of Chic. A symphony of style.

Freehand and fancy, Mila Schon conducted a symphony for their Spring Summer 2018 collection, distinguishing each style transition as a movement.

The collection celebrated spontaneity and instinct through reinvention, and the innovative draping and the use of humble fabrics were no threat to its feminine appeal. Technical cotton, raffia on organza, jacquard and silk, and even canvas were commonly used throughout the various "movements".

Billowing volume took form with expert architecture of the garment, like the duster-coat assembled from a single seam. Light and structured, an understated femme fatale en voyage is suggested with the stand out pieces like a white jacket in double fabric with a large hood fastened to the top, reminiscent of Kim Novak in Hitchcock's "Vertigo".

Compositions within compositions. Regardless of the intentional organization of the this collection, there was still a sense of freedom and optimism that prevailed. We were brought into free-spirited creative flow a designer feels when pinning and draping fabric onto the mannequin, a technique referred to as moulage. A step away from the typical avant-garde style for which we have come to associate past Mila Schon collections, this season saw a return to a more classic feminine attitude while still retaining the expert construction for which the design house is known.


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