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25 Versace Plates You Need Now

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Versace and Rosenthal celebrate 25th anniversary tabletop collab.

Any doubts you've had about buying those legendary Versace plates should be shelved immediately.

Netflix's American Crime Story has us vicarious living Versace right now, but the Maison has always been a lifestyle brand.

When the clothing designer wanted to expand to the home, Gianni Versace went to Rosenthal (obvi), the most renowned porcelain manufacturer in the world and this year, they will celebrate the 25 year collaboration.

Our love of the 90's is well timed as the dishes debut was 1992. (please don't read that out loud, I couldn't help myself).

They're releasing only the most iconic versions, along with a matching espresso cup set, all sold individually of course.

The best thing is that for just one year they are making a special, smaller size dish that if I must say so myself, is the best news ever. Not that we don't love the iconic, grande-size Versace dishes but these...these are special. But don't get too comfortable because like I said: you've got one year.

I imagine they would look as incredible on the wall as they do on the table. With Versace, you are never wrong.

The entire collection that is offered in the smaller size can be found in this album here.

“I think glamour all the time. I wake up in the morning and I’m already thinking glamour.”

– Donatella Versace


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