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In Paris, Outside: Dior and Germanier Street Style Gallery by Photographer Riccardo Perdisa

Updated: Mar 4

Paris Women's Fashion week 2024 has been hitting all the marks on the runway and delivering on the streets. Dior and Germanier presented their Fall Winter 24/25 collections and attendees fell into the spirit. Street style photographer Riccardo Perdisa caught well-dress guests outside the Dior and Germanier shows giving us sneak peek of what we might expect to see and a little of what makes us dream.



Guests photographed outside Dior include: Yoyo Kulala, Tamara, Sarah Lysander, Madeleine White, Rome Estrijd, Lara Cosima, Ginevra Mavilla, Deva Cassel, Carla Ginola, Camila Coelho, and BryanBoy.


Guests photographed outside Germanier include: Emilia Silberg, Ginevra Mavilla, Halessia, Joey Graceffa, Kiwileehan, Mara Lafontan, and the Young Emperors.



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