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Sunnei SS24 Leaves It To A Vote at Milan Women's Fashion Week

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The Sunnei SS24 Milan Fashion Week show took place on September 22, 2023, almost 10 years after the brand was founded by Loris Messina and Simone Rizzo.

The SS24 collection by Sunnei remains true to their creative DNA, promising nothing novel, and to deliver the expected, a nod to the brands dedication to their audience that inherently tethers them to the ebbs & tides of digital media.

Sunnei not only recognizes their bond to the consumer, they celebrate it. Instead of designing around fashion seasons, the brand seeks to digest the social climate at that point in time and reflect the world around them, communicating a sense of stability and transparency.

For the Spring / Summer 2024 season runway show, Sunnei encouraged the audience to assert their influence. Endowing attendees with numbers to hold up, onlookers became a part of the show, able to express their immediate feedback on looks as they came out.

The collection is meant to appear savvy in a time full of uncertainty, determined to communicate a strong brand statement through consistency and predictability, and artisanal craftsmanship. Fewer looks, carefully designed, are meant to drive the audience and wearers to look more closely at what’s being presented without being shocked into a reaction.

Sunnei’s ubiquitous stripes and the brand’s other classic design elements were woven into an edited down collection of 30 looks, subtly divided. On one hand, the use of tight-fitting jersey stretch fabric with cut-outs, and the use of layering gave a defined and sporty effect. On the other hand, the collection included pieces with loose-fitting, voluminous silk fabric, tulip-shapes, and fringes, embellished with cloudy, less defined forms, including artwork depicting Giorgio, (from the SUNNEI team) on a silk shirt with an adjoining “stone heart", to evoke a sense of luxury and significance.

In an effort to demonstrate the brands dedication to a collective ethos, Sunnei involved their digitally connected and live-streaming audience, giving them the means to very publicly vote. It remains to be seen if this will have an effect on the creative direction of upcoming collections or if buyers and PR’s will be paying attention, but without a doubt the approach of making the audience part of the show provided opportunities to examine the ready-to-wear clothes and accessories in a different light, and the Sunnei team itself from a myriad of perspectives.


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