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Gucci's Tipsy Tote

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

If there's anything I appreciate as a digital nomad, it's things with a dual purpose that don't make me look like a hippie.

Gucci has just launched a $949 (£675) rubber tote bag that is perf for the upcoming summer swelter. It may not be red carpet ready but a day of shopping in the hot sun is saved when your summer tote becomes the life of the party.

A pack of ice, your favorite year of Dom P. and voilà! your Gucci'fied tipsy tote is ready to party.

The 100% rubber bag is made in Italy, obvi and retains an Italian sense of style (l'Italianità non si può mancare!). Changing looks becomes a breeze, going easily from day to night when rooftop lounging leaves you too sunbaked to switch.

I'm not your dad's digital nomad.

From LA to Cannes, remote workers are becoming the norm and we're all different types. Smart solutions are important and looking good while sporting them, that is the designers challenge.


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