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Milan | Paris : Fashion Month Round-up FW 22/23

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Amidst the many unexpected and tragic events during this time, Fashion Month continues on as any able industry does. We look for inspiration in our work while taking pauses to help, reflect and support others who may not be able do the same.

CGC Stylist Camila Salles and I decided to cover both Milan and Paris shows, curating our favorite shows and looks that highlight trends and speak volumes to the current social climate with both subtle and crystal clear messages.

Take a look at the shows we had our eye on this month and some of the highlights from some of our favorite presentations.

MILAN Fashion Week | Fall /Winter 22/23 | 23rd February- 27th February

PARIS Fashion Week | Fall /Winter 22/23 | 28th February-8th March


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