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Pilot: What Milan Wears | Via Solferino

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The new series, "What Milan Wears" airs its pilot episode on Instagram Reels starting with the Moscova neighborhood on Via Solferino.

It's not a new concept by any means. Everywhere social media exists, there seems to be another account that shows unique or eye-catching fashion and style, wandering the streets among us.

What may be exotic to some, is just every day life to another. How regular people dress for work is different from city to city and no matter how "regular" the people in your town may seem to you, the definition changes drastically depending on the location and who's looking.

As one of the most well-known fashion capitals of the world, Milan Italy is known for being well dressed. The locals seem to coordinate their looks according to their surroundings more than in other places, unifying aesthetics that span from neo-classical architecture, ancient ruins, and industrial complexes. The city is not made up of only cover models and fashion people, but of all types of workers going about their daily life.

Everyone sees something different when they walk out their door.

In this new series, What Milan Wears produced by CGC Studios with photographer Riccardo Perdisa I'm sharing my edits of regular work day looks caught at lunchtime in Milan, Italy, featuring a new neighborhood each week.

This week we explore Via Solferino.

***This article has been edited since its first published date. The title "New Series: How Milan Dresses" has been changed to reflect the series new name "What Milan Wears | Via Solferino".


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