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RICH PICKS: The Red Edit

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Between the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, there's no doubt that red is most definitely February's color.

This month, our Rich Picks are seeing red. Here's a visual edit of some of the juicy, ruby red pieces for the home and dining table we found from our favorite designers.

No matter if you're alone or with someone special this month, get inspired by the color of love and luck and let yourself dream.

For some it's a dream, for others it's just a matter of time. Let us get you started...

On the terrace, city lights and fireworks.

Hamachi e sashimi with the Christofle Silver-Plated Uni Chinese Chopsticks from Harrods for a Valentine's night in or for perfect for eating the whole fish from head to tail for good luck for Lunar New Year. A flicker from the Tom Dixon Fire candle casting shadows on the bordeaux red leather Oreste Coffee Table from Armani Casa is just the right mood to raise your Versace Gala Prestige collection goblets to good health, good luck, and a year of financial prosperity.

At the artist's villa, glowing lanterns everywhere.

Champagne and madeira among traveled people, esoteric mediterranean vibes, vibrant cultural exchanges on the vintage armchair. Never ending pours into the Mario Luca Giusti goblets against the glowing red Baccarat Harcort Fire Candlestick nestled next to the Versace Medusa Crystal Vase. Discussing love, luck and wine, topping up the Joe Cariati Straight Cone Decanter by Jonathan Adler.

By candlelight in the studio, from the wine cellar in Venice.

Voices echo in a private studio lit by the suspended Fendi Casa Murano Glass Red Chandelier, the Vittorio Rigattieri original prototype from 2005. A splash of that good year, of that vintage locked in time, served from the Armani Casa Jason Decanter into the Vietri Contessa Champagne Glass from Saks Fifth Avenue. A ruby red Baccarat Octagon Crystal Vase holds memories held captive by time, set free between dark roasted sips from the Versace Rosenthal Medusa tea and coffee cup.


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