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SARAWONG SS24 Milan Fashion Week

A collection inspired by the 3000 year-long tradition of Chinese ceramics was the starting point for SARAWONG’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, “The Rhythm of China”.

Presenting graceful and varied shapes, the collection channels the opulent glaze finishes and the intricate patterns characteristic of Chinese porcelain ceramics made during the Song Dynasty, resulting in modern silhouettes and a uniquely Far Eastern elegance.

Ceramic art and Chinese porcelain in particular mark a distinctive moment in the history of human civilization in which aesthetics and art were a crucial form of artistic expression, extended to daily life.

Symbolism is inherent in Chinese culture and the SARAWONG SS24 collection is packed full of meaning, Reflecting the profound influence of ancient aesthetics on modern fashion silhouettes. Motifs and detailed elements that touch on traditional feminine beauty celebrate the multifaceted nature of women across cultures and ethnicities. Bold shapes are softened by gentle curves seen in the bags, jewelry, cuffs, sleeves, and nipped in waist-lines and hips. Intricate patterns are a tribute to a woman’s complexity while the vibrant colors and textures represent harmony and the necessity for the balance of mind, body, and spirit to achieve authentic beauty.

Sara Wong wants her garments to give women the confidence to embrace their multifaceted nature including grace, determination, gentleness and courage. The collection invites wearers to be explorers in the world, to overcome challenges, and stay true to the uniqueness of their authentic selves.

SARAWONG’s third collection shows continuity and the designer’s affinity for storytelling with colors and patterns, rooted in tradition. A subtle departure from last year’s Spring/Summer collection, the brand’s playful and ethereal feminine energy radiates femininity, with less attention to volume and more attention to imposing structure with boning, cages, and tailored edging.



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