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The Sexiest Water To Carry During Fashion Week

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Haute water: real luxury is clear.

When the Fashion Week frenzy starts, say goodbye to eating and sleeping and hello to endless nights, deadlines, and a dozen outfit changes a day. Water is a must. We need to stay hydrated and we need to look good doing it.

Sexy bottles that look like cosmetics or from an alchemist's lab are the perfect accessory to keep your complexion fresh, no matter how many half glasses of wine you finish in between shows.

You can find most of these at Harrods in London, the Rinascente in Milan, or Barney's in New York, for when you need to quench your bougie thirst.


It just looks fresh, like micellar water you can drink. Needless to say, this is the water to drink while rocking Maison Margiela. €6/bottle.

Beverly Hills 90H20.

If you really want to show off your zip code you should go for the self-proclaimed champagne of bottled water, Beverly Hills 90H20. It's actually bottled in Beverly and can be found at the Montage Beverly Hills, the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Markets and Bulgari on Rodeo Drive. €12/bottle


For the royal. What's not to love about this gold and pink, polished posh water? I want to line my wardrobe lounge with it. This is the kind of water you carry to an Alberta Ferretti show. €2.75/bottle


Svalbardi sounds like a mouthful but its crystal clear simplicity is in the design and taste, making you think of the frigid icebergs in the Arctic where the water comes from. Fans of Swedish design will love this, as will anyone who appreciates the fact that it has been named the purest water in the world. Find these ice-queen worthy waters at Harrods for £90 (€70/$130) bottle. €70/bottle


Yes, Armani also has it's own brand of water and frankly the sparkling is DELICIOUS. Both the sparkling and still are great - the bubbles are just the right size and you feel truly refreshed after sipping. The bottle is classic Armani, eternal style, subtle branding - the perfect water for literally anything from a gown to cool jeans and of course anything...Armani. €2.50/bottle


Obvi. You didn't think I would leave Fiji out did you? The original "it water", we all still love the way it makes us think of running off to a tropical getaway and floating in warm and coral laden waters. €4.95/bottle


A good choice if you're on your way to a sportier show like Bikkembergs or for something street style, like County of Milan. The water is naturally black from alkaline and is loaded with minerals. I'm not sure what it does to the teeth but you can't deny it wouldn't pop against an all-white look. Just make sure the cap stays on. €2.71/bottle

Solan de Cabras.

It's PINK. They also make it in blue but when I'm in Spain, you'll only see me with my mini pink Solan in hand. It's is my fave go-to water that I always have with me for how incredibly light it is to drink, the barely-there tactile branding, and for the fact that they make it in an adorable and portable 0.5 l size. 0,45€/1L bottle, 0,68€/1,5L bottle


The chic minimalist water that Tom Ford probably wants you to bring to his show. Bottled in Britain, both in sparkling and still. You can't over-do it with this water. €3.75/bottle

Christian LaCroix x Evian.

A cheerful reunion with Christian LaCroix, Evian celebrates 10 years of collaborating with designers. Any bohemian or Coachella inspired look would be the perfect pairing, a welcome flush of color before the Fall/Winter season. €39.99/bottle*

*no longer in production

San Pellegrino for Bulgari and Missoni.

San Pellegrino has always had a legacy of style. A longtime mark of sophistication and class, San Pell has it all. While they've managed to maintain their classic Italian design, they've also sought out collabs with designers in the past like Missoni and Bulgari. Italo-files can take their bubbly break at Dolce & Gabbana's restaurant and Martini Bar on Corso Venezia in Milan between shows. €3.33/bottle


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