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Ukrainian Brand TTSWTRS Collab x Prymachenko Family Foundation

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Ukrainian brand TTSWTRS and the Prymachenko Family Foundation present a capsule collection celebrating the artist that brought both Pablo Picasso to his knees and left Marc Chagall standing in awe, Maria Pyrmachenko.

A prolific and influential artist, born in 1909 as a peasant in the rural Kievan village of Bolotnia, passing away in 1997, Pyrmachenko humbled the art world in 1937 at the Paris World Fair with her genius and was named a Ukrainian visionary.

Pablo Picasso, gazing upon Maria Prymachenko's enchanting creations exclaimed: "I kneel before the artistic marvel of this brilliant Ukrainian artist," while Marc Chagall compared his fantastical creatures to the "cousins of the strange beasts of Maria Prymachenko."

Now in 2023, the artist has caught the imagination of Ukrainian brand and creative project TTSWTRS, founded by Anna Osmekhina, a former costume designer, fashion editor and stylist. The brand teams up with the Prymachenko Family Foundation to honor the artist's legacy with a capsule collection named, "TTSWTRS x Prymachenko Family Foundation", featuring the artist's work.

The TTSWTRS began as a team of fashion enthusiasts designing clothes for themselves. Since then the brand which stands for (Tattoo Sweaters) has experienced international fame and has been worn by celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Kourtney Kardashian, Winnie Harlow, Sita Abellan, Lisa Owen, Tommy Cash, Vera Brezhneva and others, as well as featured in Forbes, Dazed, Metal Magazine, Hypebae, and Vogue.

TTSWTRS has its own Kyiv-based manufacturing factory and printing workshop, showrooms in Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv and sells in more than 12 stores worldwide. To date, the brand has collaborated with more than 15 artists.

The TTSWTRS x Prymachenko Family Foundation Capsule Collection collaboration was greatly inspired by Maria Prymachenko’s mythical creatures, some surely imagined out of her childhood growing up around the forest.

Creative director Anna Osmekhina shares her points of inspiration for the collection:

"For me, Maria Prymachenko is one of the most intriguing modern artists. Her imaginative realm of mythical creatures is so powerful that it transcends the boundary between reality and imagination. She was a free, strong, and unconventional individual who even in her time followed her own rules. Her charisma is magnetic. This capsule collection unveils Maria's story, which has become an integral part of our lives, much like she herself reflected her era. Her art remains relevant as she lives on in her unique universe,"

Prymachenko’s world is shrouded in mythology, like real life apparitions of legends. The collection is divided into a series with each one titled according to her stories.

Black Beast

Portrays Maria's character—strong, untamed, and resilient. It embodies her inner drive for self-expression and independence.

Blossoms in a Pot

Offers a glimpse into Maria's childhood, revealing the innocence and joy that nurtured her artistic journey.

The Roaming Creature

A series that follows Maria's life journey—a constant pursuit of progress, reflecting her dedication to her calling.


Deepening our understanding of Maria through the image of the Lion—a symbol of strength and dignity. She associated herself with this creature, reflecting her unwavering determination that not only impressed but also inspired her.

You can shop the collection on their website:



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