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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Broth On-The-Go: From New York to San Francisco the latest liquid food fad is already boiled.

From chicken to beef, from veal to pork, the bones and the least desirable cuts of meat are getting boiled as a beverage on the go, sold on the street for the modest sum of 5 dollars.

The very sustenance our grandparents survived on during and after the war, is about to make them rich. Broth, or as the hipsters specify, bone broth, is the new foodie-obsession taking the city streets by storm. In the office or on your way to happy hour you can now arrive, steaming bone broth in hand. In hand because just like a cup of coffee, bone broth is conveniently served in to go cup, ready to warm your innards, no matter what the subway has in store that day.


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