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Monthly Predictions by sign by Astrology Expert, Cami Salls

1. Aries.png


Talk less and do more. The month asks Aries to focus on what needs to be done, without wasting energy into unnecessary conflict. Virgo energy brings to the sign the ability to constructively direct its full potential. In the second half of the month, with the entry of Mars - ruler of Aries - in Libra, be careful not to take out the frustrations of work on those close to you, especially on your partner.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Focus

Best days: 12, 13 and 21

Advice: The time is favorable for observing the ego's traps. Deep inside, how much do you still need to prove yourself?

2. Taurus.png


Love and relationships are in evidence throughout the month. With Mercury retrograde, from the 22nd onwards, it is possible for lovers from the past to return. In the second half of the month, don't let Libra romanticism overshadow your common sense. At work, flexibility and collaboration among colleagues will be important to finding creative solutions. Allow yourself to recognize each other's abilities.

Favorable: Relationships

Energy of the Month: Collaboration

Best days: 6, 20 and 28

Advice: Recognize the emotional issues that still hurt. Look at this, and free yourself, to keep your relationships light.


3. Gemini.png

September brings resolutions to many issues that were making Gemini's mind churn. The New Moon in Virgo on the 6th however, will ask the Gemini to make the necessary changes in their  life to be happier. The period is favorable for creating new habits, especially those that can increase self-esteem, such as exercise or a new diet. At the end of the month, when Mercury is retrograde, pay attention to your self esteem. You don't need the other's validation; try to deal with your insecurities.

Favorable: Self

Energy of the Month: Self-knowledge

Best days: 14, 22 and 26

Advice: Reflect on Gemini polarities, adaptability and inconsistency . Does your mind help you to find solutions, or is it getting in the way of your progress?


4. Cancer.png


Short trips and studies are favored this month for Cancers! It's time to get inspired and look for new solutions to issues that have been going on for some time. For singles, someone new is coming! Friends of friends may take a special interest in you. With Mercury retrograde at the end of the month, however, reflect on what you are really looking for in a relationship now. For those who are committed, the month helps to resolve the couple's outstanding issues, favoring a greater connection.

Favorable: Relationships

Energy of the Month: Emotions

Best days:10, 20 and 28

Advice: The end of the month will connect you with your creative side; enjoy and express yourself!

5. Leo.png


Organize your finances! With a new solar cycle, Leos have the opportunity to have a fresh start. Attention to excessive expenses; the period is favorable, however, for career investments. Take a course, invest in your business. With Mercury retrograde at the end of the month, some travel plans or meeting friends may be delayed. Although Mercury in Libra favors socialization, Leos tend to feel more introverted in this period. In the second half of the month, emotions intensify; don't jump to conclusions and avoid arguments.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Review

Best days: 4, 13 and 29

Advice: Reconnect with your authenticity and don't take everything personally; everyone is busy with their own life.

6. Virgo.png

 News opportunities are coming, but do you feel worthy of everything that happens in your life? Self-esteem and self-love are the themes of the month for the sign. How much are YOU still getting in your way to achieve what you want? Either in your work or love life. Mercury - ruler of the sign - retrograde at the end of the month helps to slow down the pace. Everything goes well at work, remember to take care of yourself.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Self love

Best days: 1, 6 and 10

Advice: Being more loving to yourself is the path to personal fulfillment.


7. Libra.png


2021 brought challenges to Libras' romantic relationships, and September starts with many reflections on the subject. With Mercury retrograde in the sign, conversations with people from the past can bring answers and conclusions needed to open space for the new. If you are in a relationship, important conversations are on the way. For everyone, don't make decisions based on being needy. At work, do your part without expecting approval or recognition from others. The situation tends to remain stable.

Favorable: Self

Energy of the Month: Assertiveness

Best days: 14, 22 and 28

Advice: Only you know exactly what you want; communicate assertively.

8. Scorpio.png


 The cautious Scorpio is called to share and collaborate. Group activities are favored during this  period - share your knowledge and allow yourself to learn from others. In love, the Full Moon in Pisces can bring someone interesting; if you are committed, the period should be romantic. At work, take the time to improve your relationship with colleagues. It is not a moment of material expansion.

Favorable: Relationships

Energy of the Month: Flexibility

Best days:  10, 12 and 30

Advice: Exercise flexibility to deal with the changes the year is bringing; let go of what no longer makes sense.

9. Sagittarius.png

Career and popularity in evidence. The many opportunities and ideas that have arrived this year for Sagittarius are beginning to bear fruit. But remember: consistency and patience are needed - progress is coming, but everything in its own time. Take advantage of the period to expand your network of contacts, but also seek to hear other points of view. Retrograde Mercury asks you to recognize the experience of others; everyone has something to teach.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Relationships

Best days: 5, 13 and 29

Advice: Your purpose is unique but not special; in life each one has its role and its importance.


10. Capricorn_.png


In a turbulent year, the energy of September asks Capricorn to focus on the present moment. Routine brings you the security you need to move on  at this moment. The second half of the month brings news at work, an opportunity may come. Be careful, however, not to commit to more than you can handle - Mercury retrograde in Libra can bring some misunderstandings at work, which can affect your reputation.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Balance

Best days: 6, 20 and 28

Advice: Look for balance in your routine; remember to rest and spend time with your loved ones.

11. Aquarius.png


Virgo's down-to-earth energy is challenging for the great Aquarian ideas, and the call here is precisely to get out of theory and go into practice. Get started as soon as you can - today. In relationships, pay attention to excessive demands and rigidity, which can alienate your partner. For singles, the month brings new people into your life, but it's still not what you expected. New friendships at work can reveal future opportunities.

Favorable: Work

Energy of the Month: Action

Best days: 14, 22 and 25

Advice: Seek progress, but value what is already in your reality.

12. Pisces.png

Relationships - romantic and friendship - are the center of the month for the sign. Difficult conversations can happen throughout the month, especially when Mercury enters its retrograde phase. It is a good time to work on attachments and emotional dependency. Find out who you are despite the other. For those who have pending legal issues or must sign a contract, the first half of the month is especially favorable.

Favorable: Relationships

Energy of the Month: Power

Best days:  8, 10 and 20

Advice: Keep your feet on the ground and do away with your illusions; find happiness in your reality.


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