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Misha Sukyas City Girl Cooks ALC 5.jpg



Welcome to JUST THE CHEFS, an archive collection of the unique interviews that launched the magazine City Girl Cooks in September 2014. 

In Milan, "City Girl" Melissa Lupo and her team created a unique editorial format crossing fashion and the culinary world, skipping over the subject of food. Conducting behind-the-scenes interviews with chefs in the kitchen, City Girl was styled in designers that reflected the chef's character.

Being the only artists who wear uniforms, the projection of their character onto City Girl was a way to indicate to diners what they may experience on the plate according to the personality of the chef. Each chef was assigned an archetype and each shoot was edited for a formalized style to provide an unique experience with each interview that could transport readers who may never know the chef or taste their dishes. The Resulting imagery reminiscent of fashion editorials along with pointed and unusual questions catapulted the magazine to success, making waves in the fashion world and the press.

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