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A Letter From The Editor: Changes at CGC

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Melissa Lupo, Editor-in-chief of City Girl Cooks

Dear Readers,

You’ve probably noticed some changes going on at City Girl Cooks, both on the website and the social media channels.

It didn’t happen overnight. Through a series of “slow-drip” events that have taken place over the past 5 years, there has been less food and fashion for Chefs content being shared, if at all.

Changes in the food & beverage digital landscape, as well as in the industry, have led to the decision to return to City Girl’s roots as a multimedia storyteller, expanding the brands vision to bring to life all kinds of characters and archetypes, with a focus on storytelling with fashion through film, video, photography, and writing.

Food isn’t going away, but our attention has shifted.

On the website, we hope to provide content that is intriguing and useful for storytellers of all types in fashion, and become a place of reference, as our new motto states, “Fashion for Storytellers”.

Expect more editorials, interviews, and coverage of the events, people, and lifestyle trends of the dream-makers, always told through a lens of fashion. Why? Because fashion is how we get dressed up for life and wouldn’t exist without great characters to fit.

Fashion is how we get dressed up for life and wouldn’t exist without great characters to fit.

On Instagram, City Girl gets more exposure, showing off personal style, travels, and current projects while using the space to examine general character archetypes and the different roles I play in my own life as a Producer, Writer, Director and Content Creator.

The City Girl Cooks (CGC) hemisphere will continue to expand, opening up new channels to connect, including Discord and YouTube channels coming in the Spring of 2024.

Storytellers in fashion exist as Chefs, Stylists, Creative Directors, Writers, Designers, Tailors, in Public Relations, as Models, Artists, Producers, Content Creators, and as Musicians, just to name a few. It is my hope that CGC becomes a place for inspiration, insider discussions, materials, and a trusted source for the array of storytelling that happens in, with, and for fashion.

City Girl has more "cooking" than can be done from inside a kitchen. Chefs have been our cornerstone content, our heroes, for 10 years. Chefs are the original misfits, the “ride-or-die’s” of the creative industry, working in exceptional conditions under exceptional pressure in all of their glory, behind the scenes, in the trenches.

I cannot express enough gratitude to all of the Chefs that have let me invade their kitchens over the years, and for the hospitality I and my crews were shown. My own experience working in the industry before catering, in sales, and in the FoH taught me a lot, but the wisdom I took away from each of you will stay with me and the CGC crew, both past and present, forever.

Now is the time to open up the narrative. To all the dream-makers working in and out of the trenches, whether or not you’re “into fashion”: we’re excited to know you, and introduce the fascinating characters, archetypes, places, fashion, and lifestyle trends a City Girl and her team can find.

Civilization is on the move and society is restless. The world needs art and beauty and stories - the world needs all of you.

It’s a great time to be alive and get into something new. Creatives: if you haven’t got a plan, dream until you do. Keep going, I’ll meet you there.

Forever yours, dear readers.


City Girl, Melissa Lupo

Editor-in-chief of City Girl Cooks, Melissa Lupo


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