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See Yourself In Olga Noskova's Glassy Cakes.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Olga’s Noskova's cakes are just how we like them, seemingly untouchable and shimmering like expensive jewelry.

Olga’s Noskova's cakes are done so well it’s kind of hard to describe them in just one word, and one might be hard-pressed even calling them anything other than “art pieces.” If this seems like an exaggeration, you can't deny the fact that the masterpieces she prepares come out looking like edible jewelry.

The language of desserts is a universal one and in a short time the name Olga started to jump out from Russia, her home country, into newspapers and magazines around the world. In the United States, Marcia Gagliardi for Time Out in New York, highlights the incredible techniques used in realizing these incredible cakes. The covering glaze is completely transparent and perfectly reflects everything, leaving you in a hypnotizing gaze.


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