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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Whoever was hoping that our cronut phase was going to end a victimless crime is about to be disappointed.

The new trend of combining unlikely names (and foods) like cupcaron, cruffins, and cragels has been blessed by Vogue that predicted that “rolled ice cream could become the next cronut". Leading the charge is a small gelateria in the heart of Chinatown in New York City, that is currently serving rolled gelato in cups.

While simply rolling ice cream into a different shape may not seem life-changing, fans of the cragel, a brioche crossed with bagel, and of cupcarons, macarons crossed with cupcakes, beg to differ.

Who knew that when we started with crossing a croissant with a donut to create the cronut that it would lead us to a whole world of bastardized breads.

Is it hype or are these bastardi here to stay?


Cronut. Photo credit: Cruffin. Photo credit: Cupcaron. Photo credit : Rolled ice cream. Photo credit: buzzfeed


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