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Big Fish, Little Fish: Blue Fish Is Trending in 2015

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The year 2015 was the year of the bluefish, and it’s looking like it might continue into 2016 by the sign all the small fish-ays.

Kiss tuna, salmon and swordfish goodbye, (then wipe your mouth) because restaurants are cooking up more and more small fish, with the advantage of being inexpensive, sustainable, and uber tasty.

Chef Chris Shepherd, winner of the James Beard Award, said that his obsession right now is sauces made from fish, and predicts that the use of small fish will become more prevalent in great restaurants. Even if it’s not the star of the dish, there are a ton of things it can be used for to make up a great recipe. Creams, bouillabaisse or crispy chips, the small fish-ays win out for their versatili-tay. And so it goes, the small fish eats the big fish and claims his rightful place alongside next years top food trends.


Photo Credit: Photo Credit: william meppem Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Kara Rosenlund

By Stefano Berteselli, contributor


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