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Design Week Milan Salone Del Mobile 2023 Events & Highlights

Updated: Apr 26

IN MILAN ITALY one of the most famous Design Weeks in the world, Salone Del Mobile, took place this year from Tue, Apr 18, 2023 to Sun, Apr 23, 2023. There were many highlights among the events including endless cocktail parties, dinners, presentations, talks, and shows of every type. Hosted by brands across industries, the importance of design in our everyday lives was clearly demonstrated, and gave us a peek into where we might be headed in the future.

Going beyond furniture and interior design, the Salone Del Mobile Design Week in Milan is a yearly milestone for the fashion and design capital, being the highest grossing event for the city, surpassing even Fashion Week.

The theme for this design week, Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan was centered around the application of "Design Thinking" and given the name Laboratorio Futuro meaning Future Lab. Concepts were focused less on instagrammable photo ops, and more on connecting the digital with the physical through maximalist experiences that can't help but consume your attention, folding you into the story and the moment.

Brands from Prada to Ferrari to Bitossi all had something to present. In addition to already established brands, it's a great time for smaller brands, magazines, and even agencies to connect with clients and friends in a meaningful way.

Through sunny afternoons, cool evenings, and days of torrential rain and thunder, the CGC team made our way through, meeting up with old friends and getting to know new ones.

Here are some of our highlights from Salon del Mobile 2023.

“Voleur de Fleurs” by Simone Guidarelli and Officinarkitettura

At one event, Milan's favorite maximalist, and seasoned Stylist for magazines like Vanity Fair, Simone Guidarelli, along with Officinarkitettura, fully restyled Matcha Cafe on Via Savona, covering every centimeter of wall space, seating, tables, lamps, the wait staff, and even themselves. The event celebrated the launch of Guidarelli's new project with Officinarkitettura, “Voleur de Fleurs” with all of the seating at the event produced by architectural firm, Platform.

An explosion of color, Simone Guidarelli returns to the jungle with an artisanal wallpaper that tells an idyllic story, surrounding you with lush images of animals and nature like playful monkeys that climb among tropical flowers and fruits, inspiring the name of the collection, Voleur de Fleurs. The eco-friendly wallpaper is made of cellulose and is PVC free giving a matte finish and saturated, juicy colors.


Simone Guidarelli, stylist and art director, Founder of his eponymous e-commerce site.

Andrea Bernagozzi, architect, Founder at Officinarkitettura

Giorgio Buratti, expert in marketing, Founder at Officinarkitettura

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa from CCG Studios.


There was a lot of conversation around the re-use of industrial waste materials and sustainability in design, with brands like THEMOIRe standing out, that make handbags and shoes out of the mega-tons of byproduct that result from large manufacturing.

The brand was launched in 2019 by Francesca Monaco e Salar Bicheranloo who, among their other notable achievements and expertise, were also winners of the 2015 da Vogue Talents award for Emerging Designers.

During the Salone del Mobile Design Week 2023, the Perimetro agency along with the THEMOIRe brand hosted OUR ROOTS. A breakfast event and a talk spanning two days at the beautiful Cascina Cuccagna, in which the hosts discussed an initiative to help finish a reforestation project in Nepal that would also offset carbon footprints. A photography contest was held that challenged photographers to capture the spirit of a tree, with the prize being 5 trees that go to help finish the reforestation. The photographic exhibition was shown throughout the week.

The Complainers for DripRugs

Design Week brings together innovative minds and ignites new ideas. Founder of The Complainers, a creative strategy and production agency, Cesare Morisco collaborated with DripRugs to create a capsule collection of ironic throw rugs that had a very pointed message.

From Puglia to Milan, Cesare Morisco has left his creative mark, working with some of fashion’s top celebrities and talent, and continues to climb with his agency, The Complainers. The relaxed event took place at their new HQ, nestled in an industrial chic setting, full of light and glass, made even cozier on a drizzly day. But it wasn’t just the rain that dripped that day. With a DJ set in the background the agency’s own merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies blended with Cesare’s designs for DripRugs, strategically placed around the room. To satisfy your appetite and keep the irony hot, small (but adequately sized) gummy peens were there to snack on, along with Patatas Nana and cool beers to wash it all down.


Cesare Morisco, Creative Director, Founder The Complainers

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa from CCG Studios.

High Snobiety and Campari

Campari has had a great year with the rest of the world having recently discovered the Campari spritz and “Sbagliato” cocktails, and during Salone del Mobile 2023, the brand kept the momentum going with a series of events.

At the Poltrona Frau Milano and Archiproduct, Campari co-sponsored and served Campari Sodas, while at Design Connection, Campari co-hosted an event with Qeeboo serving Campari sodas alongside a DJ Set.

The CGC crew was stopped at the High Snobiety event that Campari co-hosted at One Block Down, a popular streetwear shop in the middle of the city center. The servers passed around Campari soda, showing off the elegantly designed and label-less bottles, hinting at how good design and sustainability are connected. Does Campari even need labels with such a recognizable bottle and notable drink color?

Surrounded by the industry cool kids, we caught a couple of friends and familiar faces.


Ginevra Malvilla, Model, Influencer

Eleonora Strozzi, Publicist, Producer

Samuele Galli, Actor, Screenwriter

Silvia Clo Di Gregorio, Screenwriter & Director

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa from CCG Studios.


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