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Do You Yuzu?

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

It’s called Yuzu Kosho, and it could be the next condiment you’ll want to put on everything.

Yuzu Kosho is a sauce made from a combination of the juice and zest from the citrus fruit, yuzu, with hot pepper flakes and salt.

If you’ve never heard of it it’s because in Italy it still hasn't arrived. In the U.S. however it everywhere.

According to Sterling Ridings, executive chef of the restaurant Uchiko in Austin, Yuzu Kosho is in a ton of dishes, using it’s peculiarity to obtain diverse possibilities for pairing: to contrast the richness and the greasy part of meat, as a fresh condiment for fish, and also to give more complexity to vegetarian dishes. In Italy the most we might season is with salt, pepper and herbs but it might be the moment to...Yuzu.


Pork Belly Robata. Photo credit: Kosho and Daikon from Ignacio Mattos at Estela in New York. Photo credit: Christopher Baker Chef Abe’s fresh Zuzu Kosho. Photo credit: Kabosu lemons. Photo credit:

by Stefano Berteselli, contributor


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