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Dolce al Dente: Dolce & Gabbana Do Pasta

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Dolce & Gabbana team up with Pasta Di Martino of Naples to design packaging.

Dolce & Gabbana teams with Pastificio di Martino just in time to make you feel Italian for the holidays.

From those who've work closely alongside Domenico Dolce, I've always heard the same thing: that his design inspiration is more than skin deep.

An interwoven respect for the Italian and Sicilian culture is obvious, and history is embedded in every stitch. In addition to the artisanal techniques seen throughout their line, especially like what they presented at the recent alta moda show at Harrods in London, the use of symbolism, colors, and references to monuments are as much a part of the brands identity as the two designers. For better or for worse, we can agree that the boys are consistent and are only picking up steam with the maison's agile approach to digital media and an immersive 360° vision.

Revelers of "la bella vita" like Dolce & Gabbana may also be the key holders that chaperon other Italian brands outside of fashion, like di Martino pasta, into the luxury limelight.

Change does not come easily in a country that has made its reputation on centuries-old craftsmanship, but Pastificio di Martino has entrusted the creative reigns to this reliable design duo. A classic Italian favorite, di Martino pasta has been around for 105 years and now has partnered with Dolce & Gabbana to make some changes to its packaging.

"Change does not come easily in a country that's made its reputation on centuries-old craftsmanship"

Packaging becomes a postcard to roam the world over with Mediterranean-style fantasies like Sicilian carriages and la Pulcinella. A trip to Rome may not be in the cards this Christmas but a pack of this pasta definitely could be.

Harrods in London is currently carrying this new "culinary couture" but if you can't pick it up there or in Napoli at one of di Martino's shops, just write to: and place an order directly.


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