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Emerging Fashion Subcultures Reflect Our Digital Mindset

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

5 emerging fashion subculture trends for 2022 that you didn't know existed.


It's not mixed signals, it's Glitchcore. A digital aesthetic with roots in cyberpunk and e-girl/boy style is showing its influence in fashion with blurred, mixed, and pixelated patterns and highly saturated graphics.


NFTs are not just for the Metaverse. Some artisanal jewelers are making your digital assets something to show off. NFT, diamond-encrusted pendants on gold chains, necklaces, and bracelets are the first style pioneers for luxury NFT jewelry but the possibilities are endless. One day soon, you could be carrying multi-millions in your earrings, watches, rings, collars, cuffs and more.

An Ivy League life. A resurgence of interest in classic style, subtle elegance, and aristocratic life has given way to an entire aesthetic. Identified by schoolgirl sets, structured classics, ankle socks with loafers, cableknit sweaters, cardigans, neckties, boat shoes, and lot's of tweed


The 90's are just getting started...again. Don't limit yourself to an image of the grungy plaid of the 90's but think of mixed plaids, full plaid, and plaid accents that are adaptable. Elegance and functionality are given an edgy treatment with plaid for 2022.


It's instagrammable and a statement of sartorial excellence. Getting attention in 2022 seems like an Olympic sport on social media but some of the most flamboyant looks are masterful expressions of sartorial greatness. Expect to see bold colors, ruffles, sculpted geometry, and ruching.

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