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F(oc)accetta Nera

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Italian bakers join the carbon culinary craze. Bamboo charcoal, has started to color more than just the plate, lending a mysterious aura and an unusual taste.

It is a well known fact that culinary trends are practically dictated. From the top to the bottom, everyone is equal and every gastrofighetto, Italian for “foodie”, worth their title must conform, or risk expulsion from the restaurant foodie faction.

A bit conceptual and exciting trend, the gastrofighetti are preparing, grabbing their black t-shirts from their closets, not as a political position, but to conform to the new kitchen trend: charcoal. The “total black” look has already gained momentum in Japan, where a fast food chain has completely done over their hamburger in all black. Cocktails, oil, spaghetti and macarons, the flavor of the grill is taking over every unexplored territory of taste. From London to LA, the new trend is already left the Far East and arrived in the capital of gastro-fashion, right here in Milan, Italy.


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