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Furla MFW SS16 Presentation: Lights of Color.

Step into the light with Furla's MFW SS16 presentation: Lights of Color.

Having written and worked with Furla, I’ve had a chance to dig into their archives and spend time going through the family history, past campaigns, and of course the product evolution. And really, to know the history, heart, and soul of this “italianissimo” accessories brand is to love them.

Furla shows how classic italian beauty never goes out of style even when it gets technical and modern. They gush joy and light and have a positive message, associating young and fresh energy, with an empowered modern attitude. The presentation glowed with lights that faded in and out, reflecting shades of red and blue and white off my champagne glass. I loved seeing the mix of vibrant colors and patterns and the precise geometry of the Furla bags scattered throughout the space and within a constructed cavern of mirrors. It made me think about their concept “Lights of Color” as different gradients.

Part of our evolution has been realizing the importance of the individual and how we can express and be expressed in endless variations, like shades of color.

This was just the right occasion to see the light with Furla.

BAG: Furla, DRESS: M Missoni, EARRINGS: Giulia Barela


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