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Lavazza Lands in Milan With New Flagship Cafe.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Coffee junkies there's a new dealer in town.

For those who can't utter a word in the morning before a coffee injection, for those who can't tell if a meal is over without an espresso and those who can't fully enjoy a friend's company or a dessert without a good caffè au lait, there's good news! Over a hundred and twenty years of coffee-making love by Lavazza lands in Milan with the opening of a flagship store in the super central piazza San Fedele.

A functional and modern living space recalling the colors of a good espresso with crema, bright windows and a dense showering of 640 lights in the shape of coffee beans suspended in mid-air over the circular centerpiece bar are the calling card of the Lavazza store designed by the international firm JHP.

Once in, the Lavazza journey is divided into four stations welcoming customers to discover all the processes behind the magical tiny coffee shot.

The Coffee Design area intends to present the unique coffee creations of top international chefs of the Lavazza Training Center. Like in a real cooking show, customers can watch the fascinating preparation process and taste some of the Lavazza Coffee Design recipes which artfully transform the element of coffee into spectacular gastronomic innovations including coffee foam, caviar, cocktails and unexpected solid products for new taste sensations, from breakfast to dessert.

The Freshly Roasted area is devoted to the discovery of the trademark blending and roasting introduced by the company’s founder Luigi Lavazza in 1895. Customers can try or buy selections of the best origins and blends handpicked by Lavazza including the prized “San Fedele” blend, whose beans were selected in Ethiopia, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The Cafe area is exclusively for the pleasure of the taste buds. A number of blends are available like the organic Alteco and the Kafa special edition blends accompanied by special selections of handmade chocolates created by Guido Gobino.

Last but not least, the Slow Coffee area means to show how coffee is transformed. In fact, visitors can see all the various extraction systems, from the syphon to the Chemex, from the cold brew and the pour-over to the aeropress and the beloved mocha pot.

If that wasn't enough, the Flagship Store has also developed a food menu for a lunch break or a snack which includes both sweet and savory items that reinterpret the traditional Italian cuisine in small-bite formats. So what are you waiting for? Go get your full immersion fix at Lavazza, now in Milan.

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