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LuBar Opens in Milan

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

LuBar like Lucilla, Lucrezia e Ludovico Bonaccorsi, the eldest children of the fashion designer Luisa Beccaria and of the Sicilian aristocrat Lucio Bonaccorsi.

Having started as a street food project in 2003, the new bistrot now only bears the original name.

The LuBar I am talking about occupies in fact a wing of the Neoclassical Villa Reale in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Milan and gushes blue blood all over the place. Sicilian and Milanese ways of life mesh into a posh artful design made of pastels, plants, essences and small tables evoking Paris in spring.

Villa Reale’s green courtyard is faced by the bright seventeenth-century arched windows of the bistrot that illuminate the whole area revealing a young but classic and elegant environment: a wooden bar counter encrusted with geometric mirrors in its front taken in Berlin, chairs and tables had made in Morocco, lamp post lights out of recycled plastic pending from the ceiling, and tall palms and cactuses behind which peeps out the magnificent sepulchral monument Lambertenghi by Berthel Thorvaldsen.

Olives, oil, almonds, tomatoes, lemons and the liqueur Amara used as an aperitivo base for the typical Milanese Spritz all come from the warmest, most southern point of the “Italian boot” (lo stivale). The traditional landmark Sicilian products become mini snacks, city food served in the ceramic tableware line Caltagirone. All this and more is just an excuse anyway to go in and listen to the underground soft jazz, enjoy the winter garden and the relax in the aristo-ambiance.

Facebook: LuBar

Instagram: LuBar


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