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Mantras By Astrological Sign: Align Energy and Intention.

Updated: Jan 16

The Solar Eclipse in Gemini was last Thursday, but this energy continues to influence our lives for the next 6 months.

Words and mantras have the power to align energy and intention, and therefore help us deal with the challenges and changes brought about by eclipses. Every astrological transit comes to bring evolution to the area of life they influence, even if at first it is difficult to understand the lesson to be learned.

Sign mantras take into account the area of life most activated in the natal chart during this cycle.

To connect with the most positive potential of this energy by reciting these mantras by astrological sign. See below for your Sun, ASC (ascending), and Moon sign mantra. Write it down somewhere visible, and repeat it to yourself every day!

Keep updated on astrological shifts and take advantage of the positive energy around you with Weekly Energy Predictions.


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