Model. Chef. #streetcheffing With Roze Traore.

Model and Chef, some days Roze Traore is suiting up, other days he’s plating up. Never let someone else’s limited imagination define what you think is possible.

As this series of fashion week fun has come to a close, City Girl Cooks takes to the streets of Milan with chef and model, Roze Traore.

Chef & Model Roze Traore |

A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and signed with Elite UK, Traore may be seen gliding down the runway during NY fashion week or backstage at Ferragamo in his chef whites finishing up the frisèe (that’s a salad, guys).

Vice, Vogue, Style and all the cool kids that matter, are talking about the hybrid hottie and it seems in the end, everyone wants to know the same thing: how?

This edition of #streetcheffing is about more than a hot chef or a model that cooks (ok it’s also about that, this is City Girl Cooks right?), but let’s be real. The implication is: which one is he really.

Chefs wanna know “ok pretty boy, you look good in the coat but can you keep up?”

And the bookers wanna know “can I count on you for castings in a hot minute or should I send someone else?”

I sniff another conversation about millennials coming on.

Tearing up kitchens around the world like at restaurants from Jean-George Vongerichten, or Bibiana, CityZen, and Urbana in Washington DC, Traore wants us to know he is dead serious about the kitchen.

Chef Roze had never been to Milan so we decided to meet for coffee at Dolce & Gabbana’s Martini Bar on Corso Venezia then hit up some chic foodie spots in the area.

A gloomy, Milanese late-winter day makes it hard to look good, which is all you want to do when going on a leisurely passeggiata around the busy and elegant, via Montenapoleone with a model chef. The day needed a bit of light so I threw on a floral bomber and an A-line skirt from Mila Schon, and a canary yellow coat and patent bag from Trussardi and off we went.