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Not All That Glitters Is Gold... Unless It's Edible Gold Spray Paint.

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Foods are transformed into luxury objects with edible gold and silver spray paint.

In the film Mad Max: Fury Road, the Sons of War spritz a silver spray in their faces before going on to do something particularly noteworthy. If chefs wanted to do the same to announce their best dishes, they would have more than just silver to choose from.

The concept comes from Deli Garage, who asked the question, why not transform any ingredient you can think of, into a luxury object. You can amaze with a golden steak, or surprise with silver ice cubes - nothing is off limits.

Whether an expensive lobster or a humble carrot, a little edible gold spray or maybe some silver and viola! it's a rich meal. Silver, gold, chrome blue and red, each spray gives foods a futuristic look that will stay in people's heads.

Does it taste good? That's something you can find out for yourself and should. Link is above!


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