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Paris Hilton Joins The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT Elite

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon featured Paris Hilton where she shared with the host her recent purchase of her BAYC NFT and he showed his.

The NFT Twitter-verse and Discord channels are exploding with news about Paris Hilton's interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where they the stars revealed their recent token purchases of the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club known by its acronym, the BAYC.

NFT's or non-fungible-tokens (for the noobs), are tokens in the form of digital art that can be created, listed, purchased and exchanged on the NFT marketplace, purchased in Etherium or Polygon cryptocurrencies. In exchange for the steep price tag, the purchase entitles the holder to a sea of privileges not withstanding, entrance into a hyper exclusive club of owners that even meet from time to time at various prestigious locations around the world. Perhaps the greatest advantage from being a token-holder, one could suggest, is the access to information as members are privy to details before anyone about key drops and early leads.

There's no arguing the influential status of both Paris Hilton, Jimmy Fallon, or the BAYC members but there is definitely talk about the two worlds coming together.


What does this mean for the NFT world and the Metaverse?

The full potential of owning and creating NFT art and tokens is yet to be discovered but there is no denying their influence across sectors, even hitting food and beverage as Gary V positions to open the first NFT restaurant. The success of an NFT and its monetary value does not depend solely on influence or the quality of the art but rather a web of value that can be created and sustained, and many other factors.

Filling the NFT gender gap.

Paris Hilton is more than welcome as member of the NFT world since according to an ArtTactic report published in November 2021, women only make up for 16% of the entire NFT market. This means that majority of equity in NFT's including assets, information, and visibility is owned by men.

High profile women with a far-reaching audience and visibility that enter into the NFT and cryptocurrency markets have a financial and social advantage to enter at a higher level. These moves have the potential to create conversations and motivate other women to begin working together to share and seek out information, joining conversations available on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.


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