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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Perfume and perfume oils are not the same thing and even if you don’t know the difference, your nose does.

Disrespecting our senses.

Many of us don't use our senses the way we are wired to. Our natural means of connecting with the earth and each other have been bastardized and dumbed down, to put it lightly. Synthetics and GMO foods are mass produced and given to us like cafeteria food. So when we venture off onto foreign travels, our taste buds are in complete awe of how tomatoes actually taste in an Italian pasta or how authentic Nepalese momos are bursting with spices and flavour.

It makes us question: what is the real scent of musk, rose or amber supposed to be? And what’s that synthetic scent you've been smelling on the old ladies at church or on yourself for that matter?!

Our senses and noses stay getting the same disrespect!

Traditional perfumes don’t stick around.

Traditional perfumes, aka: eau de toilette, have the-e-e audacity to have a perfume concentration between 5-15%, with the average hovering around 10%, and lasting between 2 to 3 hours. Then, that actual 10% has been sloshing around in evaporating ethanol, hence why you find yourself reapplying: that perfume left your epidermis a long time ago, honey.

Perfume oils come through.

This is where the beauty of authentic perfume oils comes into play. Between the Middle East, Asia and Africa, perfume oils are something that stretch back to ancient times. Yet, here we are in the 21st century in the West being played by some lab dweeb torturing fragrances with ethanol, all for someones damn profit. Just dash of the essence of whatever is written on the bottle, and you're made to buy that action and be okay with it? No. Why can't I too adorn my body with something akin to what The Three Wise Men had access to?

Authenticity: how to tell if it’s the real deal.

Concentrated Perfume Oils (CPO's) are comprised of natural, distilled extracts from flowers, woods, spices, and resins etc. These authentic CPO's do not contain any additives like ethanol during their production and have a concentration between 25-40%, lasting 6 to 8 hours, plus. Now mind you, there are perfume oils on the market that are cut with substances to stretch the oils. In some countries these additives are even banned. No bueno. You'll sniff out whether you’re dealing with the real deal or a loser by noting the artificial scent, the lack of longevity, and the low cost of said “perfume oil”.

It’s’s you.

True perfume oils will be distinctly unique to the person wearing them and smell completely different from person to person. Without the ethanol barrier, it's just you, these perfume oils, and whoever's nose you have awoken. Now, this isn't the moment to give your perfumes dirty looks because you can use a mixture of the two and enhance the weakest link. Authentic perfume oils infused up with your pheromones have the power to make you forget what you've known for decades. You are more than just a vessel, you are a messenger that doesn't have to speak to make an impression.

Fall in love with my pheromones.

Pheromones are chemicals the body produces, that are literally how humans communicate with each other without speaking, plus they are strictly individual to you. When traditional perfumes are sprayed on the body, the ethanol creates a barrier between those pheromones and the actual small percentage of fragrance that reached your skin. When perfume oils are applied to the body, they either fall in love and create a union with your pheromones or they aren't fans of each other at all.

You can’t compare, and now you know.

Traditional perfumes have their purpose of course but in contrast to perfume oils it’s like comparing sad, no-flavour, GMO apples to fancy organic, individually-wrapped gift oranges sold in Japanese specialty shops that taste like divine tree candy.

Now with this basic crash course on perfumes vs perfume oils by your Perfume Oil Lady at TCOYDS, what do you as the consumer want? To be liked or admired? To be adorned with compliments daily and strangers sniffing your aura during brunch or simple compliments? The streets are open to humans again and we have the possibility to go full force or stay with what we’ve always done.


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