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RANKIN Live for Hunger Magazine: MFW #SS16

During this scorching Men’s Fashion Week in Milan SS16, I wore some killer pieces from Hogan SS15 collection, stopping into their #SS16 presentation "The Crystal Ball of Pop" while later stepping down into the underground Cobianchi space in Duomo for the Hunger Magazine event, RANKIN LIVE MILANO.

Have you ever wondered why a City Girl that Cooks goes to Fashion Week? Well, what happens in the kitchen does not stay in the kitchen. Just as each chef has a story to tell, each fashion house and designer has a unique experience to share during the presentations and shows, and it gives a sense of the of the current social climate, and therefore the interpretation of the chef styles that City wears during the renowned Chef Profile interviews.

First stop, Hogan, Crystal Ball of Pop.

We have to dish about the details from Hogan’s "The Crystal Ball of Pop" and their progressive vision of luxury sportswear. And pop it did, as we feasted our eyes on the brands famous sneakers and funky accessories catching our fashion week fancy.

This season Simon Hollow way's collection for Hogan considers the funky collision of disco, punk, rock, and rap from early 1980's New York, as chronicled by the Downtown bible of style: Warhol's "Interview".

RANKIN Live: Hunger Magazine Event

Keeping the beat, no matter the heat, I descended into the cool underground space Spazio Cobianchi near Duomo where Hunger Magazine and notorious fashion photographer Rankin had pulled together a select group of fascinating people for RANKIN LIVE MILANO.

The fashion week frenzy will go dormant again, but the inspiration stays with us.


Melissa Lupo Jacket | Blouse | Pants | Sneakers | Sandals by Hogan

Special Thanks to Hunger Magazine

Photography by Simone Martucci

Production Coordinator Camila Salles


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