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Ricky Mota Celebrity Hair Stylist: From Nada to Prada

Updated: 3 days ago

Coming from the Dominican Republic to the United States without knowing English, starting from nothing, it should come as no surprise that Ricky Mota, Celebrity and Fashion Hair Stylist is not afraid of taking chances and is an inspiration to many.

Interview by Melissa Lupo

Photography by Riccardo Perdisa

Ricky Mota Hair Stylist, Milan Fashion Week, Photography by Riccardo Perdisa

There's Something About Ricky

There's no doubt Ricky Mota is popular among celebrities for his talent as a hair stylist and the unique styles he's know for, but it's clear that his gentle demeanor and witty attitude also play a major part in his success. He is booked and busy, making the rounds for fashion week from New York to Milan to Paris then back to his home base of LA, usually traveling with and for private clients - a charmed (and righteously earned) MUA work-life many dream about.

As he recently demonstrated, participating in a prank on his client Jenna Dewan's husband Steve Kazee when she pretended to chop her hair, Mota has an excellent ability to build authentic relationships, especially among women who he actively seeks to empower and support in more ways than one.

In addition to his recent projects, many clients, and duties as a brand ambassador for brands like Unite, L'Oreal, and the Garcias label, he is also launching a podcast called "Beauty and Soul". We were fortunate to catch a moment with Ricky in between clients and shows during fashion week in Milan and sit down to talk about his experience and the passion behind his work, his clients, and his new podcast.

Melissa Lupo, Editor-in-chief of CGC meets Ricky Mota in the busy neighborhood of via Tortona between shows during Fashion Week.

The afternoon sun was a welcome change from the cold wind that blows through the narrow and shadowed streets of via Tortona. Ricky arrived directly from his client, hurried but gracious. Impeccably dressed for the season and the fashion week events, he wore studded wide-leg jeans with a printed Garcias original t-shirt under a fluffy oversize, camel-colored winter jacket, a metallic silver Diesel mini bag slung over, braids meticulously done, and plenty of icy jewelry and accessories. His energy shines even more in person and his style had a certain ease that mirrored his humor, put together with intention, and just as innovative as one would expect. Speaking to this rising star however, the first thing one notices when he speaks is his modesty in relation to the amount of dedication and passion he's put into his career.

Melissa: Tell me a little about what you do.

Ricky: I am a haircare specialist and celebrity hairstylist, but what I really do is empower woman! I help each of my clients to achieve a look that makes them feel confident and help them to present the best version of themselves. 

Melissa: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Ricky: Being creative and connecting with others. That’s the most rewarding part of my job - being around powerful woman and other creatives and learning from them.

Melissa: What’s the most difficult thing about your job?

Ricky: Being away from my family and my schedule is difficult sometimes, and it can also be challenging to interpret my client's or the Creative Director's requests. 

Melissa: What does your work mean to you?

Ricky: It means that all of little Ricky's dreams have come true! My work is also the tool that God gave me to reach my goals and build my future. 

Melissa: How do you set yourself apart in your work? 

Ricky: Creating an authentic aesthetic, and that comes from learning from some of the biggest hair stylists like Guido Palau, and having a strong work ethic. It's also how I mix in my personality, creating content that builds my credibility, and allows me to share my talent with others. 

Melissa: Any new projects or collaborations we should know about? 

Ricky: Yes, I am working with hair care brands like Unite, L’Oreal, and the clothing brand Garcias as their ambassador and I get to promote them during Fashion Weeks, But also I am creating a podcast “Beauty and Soul” where I get the chance to discuss topics such as self love, personal improvement and beauty tips.

Find and follow Ricky Mota on Instagram and look for his podcast "Beauty and Soul", coming soon.


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