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Trending in Spain: Cooking With Sea Water

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

A taste of the sea is the best ingredient. Cooking with sea water is trending in Spain.

In Spain, cooks of the future are drawing from their past, specifically from their beach-filled memories of playing in the sand. Only instead of a pail and shovel and sandcastle competitions, hundred of cooks are following the recent lead of Ferran Adrià, experimenting with innovative recipes that have a base of sea water.

Olives, beer, cheese, and even pizza - it looks like there's nothing the Mediterranean waters can't do. More than just boiling pasta, and cooking seafood and crustaceans in the salty sea, the infused water reduces to a condiment-like base for every dish. According to Joaquin Baeza, named “Chef of the Year” in Spain, this is the future of cooking.


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